Jessie J to undergo surgery

Jessie J will require more surgery after injuring her ankle two years ago during rehearsals.

Jessie J will undergo ankle surgery at the end of the year.

The Do It Like a Dude singer injured her left joint two years ago and underwent extensive reconstructive surgery.

According to UK newspaper The Sun it’s still causing her constant pain.

The outlet reports doctors will remove a metal plate from her ankle around the holidays.

“I’m getting some time off at Christmas and I’m having surgery to have the plate removed,” she said.

“It is flicking against my bone and is causing a lot of pain.”

Jessie first broke her leg during rehearsals in June 2011.

Her leg was confined in a large cast for months after undergoing a bone transplant and reconstructive surgery.

The injury forced her to cancel shows and a concert tour with Katy Perry.

Shortly after getting her cast off she opened up about the longterm damage that had been done.

“I will always suffer from arthritis in my ankle. It really hurts,” she told British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

“It will be something I have to live with forever. So I will never make that full recovery.”

She also said she would never be able to wear heels again.

Despite doctors’ warnings the star has been seen in stilettos since the incident.

Jessie hopes her next surgery won’t completely immobilise her.

“I’m hoping it will be sorted at Christmas then it will be done and dusted and I can have some down time,” she said.
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Monday, 24. June 2013