Jennifer Aniston 'surprised by Vaughn'

Jennifer Aniston had to hide her surprise when she bumped into Vince Vaughn recently.

Jennifer Aniston had to “cover up” her “shock” when she bumped into her ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn.

The American actress had an awkward experience at a recent US awards party, when she realised three of her ex-partners were in attendance. She casually dated Jake Gyllenhaal a couple of years ago, but her romance with Vince was more serious. They met while shooting 2006’s The Break-Up and it’s been claimed their split wasn’t easy.

“Jake was fine, but she didn’t know Vince would be there and it wasn’t a great break-up,” an insider told Heat magazine. “Jennifer was shocked, but she managed to cover it up with a smile and a quick hello.”

To make things even more awkward, Bradley Cooper was also in attendance with his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. Jennifer and Bradley starred alongside each other in 2009’s He’s Just Not That Into You and were on and off for some time.

“Jen was really happy to see Bradley again – there’s no bad blood there, even though they haven’t talked in a while,” the source added.

Jennifer is currently engaged to actor Justin Theroux, who wasn’t at the Spike TV bash. Although he does sometimes accompany his fiancée to industry parties he apparently isn’t a big fan of “schmoozing”, so decided to skip the festivities this time around.
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Sunday, 23. June 2013