Leonardo DiCaprio 'devoted to dinosaur'

Leonardo DiCaprio has a dinosaur skeleton in his home which is worth more than the actual property.

Leonardo DiCaprio has ditched plans to move as taking his dinosaur skeleton with him would be too hard.

The Hollywood star is known for his hard-partying lifestyle, which often involves spending time with models. Although it’s fun for the star it’s not so enjoyable for those living near him, leading to Leonardo considering moving from his Hollywood Hills home recently.

He loves the property, not least because he spent a fortune having the skeleton he was gifted installed there. The star planned to take it with him, but then re-evaluated when he was told the bones are worth more than the $13 million home.

“Leo’s had some huge parties at his house and he was thinking of selling it after things got s bit tense with his neighbours over his all-night basketball games,” an insider told National Enquirer.

From now on, the 38-year-old has vowed to be more mindful of other people. Wild parties are on the backburner and instead the star wants to bond with those who live nearby.

Leonardo set tongues wagging at the Cannes Film Festival last month, when he was spotted partying with a string of models.

It’s also been claimed he has been dishing out dating advice to Robert Pattinson, who split from Kristen Stewart last month.

“Rob’s been mooching around LA and staying on friends’ couches,” a source recently said.

“Leo rang him and told him to have a shave, put on some nice clothes and rent a house near him… for the summer. He told Rob he’s too young to settle down and ought to sow his wild oats.”
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Sunday, 23. June 2013