Sienna Miller recalls belly dance blushes

Sienna Miller recalls how tough it was to learn how to belly dance.

Sienna Miller found belly dancing “hard work” and “mortifying”.

In the film Just Like a Woman the actress plays Marilyn, a housewife-turned-belly dancer.

The movie was made a couple of years ago, before Sienna gave birth to her daughter Marlowe last July.

The 31-year-old still remembers how tough training for the part was to this day.

“Thanks, it was hard work! I can be kind of shy,” Sienna told British magazine Look. “The idea of standing up in front of people and dancing is mortifying for me. Shutting off my brain and feeling it was the only way I could get through it. I’d never even thought about belly dancing before. I’m not particularly good at dancing at all, so I was nervous. It was fun though. I trained three times a week for about ten weeks. It’s a huge achievement to learn a new skill. That’s one of the best things about my job – I get to do crash courses in interesting, bizarre things.”

In the movie Sienna’s character Marilyn loses her job and catches her husband cheating. In real life the blonde British star handles adversity by talking to her girlfriends.

“It depends on the circumstances,” she answered about she copes during tough times. “I think alcohol helps. Just reach for the bottle. I’m joking! In times of adversity, I’ve really leant on my girlfriends. Women can be an incredible support and I think that as a woman, that’s where I turn to my family and friends.”
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Saturday, 22. June 2013