Justin Bieber 'dying to date Miley'

Justin Bieber is reportedly desperate to date Miley Cyrus as he believes the pair “could be the king and queen of young Hollywood”.

Justin Bieber “would do anything” to date Miley Cyrus, it has been reported.

The pair were rumoured to be seeing each other after being spotted at a number of venues together.

Miley called into Washington D.C. radio station Hot 99.5 almost immediately after speculation arose discounting the hearsay. She said it was “impossible” for her to have feelings for Justin, as she is engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

Justin recently split from long-time girlfriend Selena Gomez and the star is said to be starving for Miley’s attention.

“There is sexual tension. Justin would do anything to hook up with Miley,” a source told America’s OK! magazine.

“He figures they could be the king and queen of young Hollywood.”

Although Miley and Liam were recently seen out together at the movies in Los Angeles for the first time in months, apparently their relationship remains lukewarm.

It is said Liam barely spends time with his fiancée.

“Miley’s house is a party house. [People come and go] all day long. But I haven’t seen Liam in a while,” the insider said.

“I know she says she is still engaged, but it doesn’t seem like it. Liam goes to the gym and then to a friend’s house, not back to Miley’s.”

Miley is thought to be using Justin’s feelings for her to get her fiancé’s attention.

“She may be trying to make Liam jealous by hanging all over Bieber,” the source said. “She’s a giant flirt. And she uses that to her advantage.”
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Saturday, 22. June 2013