Seth Rogen: Musicians are crazy

Seth Rogen is pleased Rihanna was so easy to work with on This Is the End.

Seth Rogen thinks most musicians are “psychotic”.

The actor stars in, helped direct and co-wrote This Is the End, a comedy about an apocalypse that strikes during a house party.

Rihanna makes a cameo during the film and Seth is pleased the 25-year-old didn’t live up to his expectation of singers.

“She was fantastic, she gave us lots of crazy stuff, we were very happy,” he smiled to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“She was very easy to work with, which was good because musicians are often psychotic!”

Initially, the cast are all having a brilliant time at the celebrity party, until disaster hits.

Seth insists big events such as this are no longer his scene.

“No, not at all! Maybe there was a time, but I like to sit at home and watch television,” the comedian laughed.

“A few years ago, I used to before I became a lazy piece of c**p. But every once in a while you go to a party with famous people!”

This Is the End features some crazy scenes, including a bit of token cannibalism.

During the radio interview, Seth played ‘Sacrifice, Eat, Save’, where he had to discuss which of his co-stars he would feast on, which he would sacrifice for his own safety and which he would protect.

Given the choice of Emma Watson, James Franco and Jonah Hill, he wanted to save Emma so they could “repopulate” the world.

“I think Franco would be tasty and I think he’d be cool with [being eaten] and that would mean I have to sacrifice Jonah!” he mused.
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Saturday, 22. June 2013