Katy Perry and John Mayer affair ‘mainly physical’

Katy Perry is reportedly staying with John Mayer over dating Robert Pattinson because “it’s the best sex of her life”.

Katy Perry is reportedly staying with John Mayer because “it’s the best sex of her life”.

The pop songstress and John dated officially from late last summer to March of this year, but apparently they are back on at the moment.

The 28-year-old has been spending an increasing amount of time with Robert Pattinson since he split with Kristen Stewart last month, and it is rumoured Rob is developing stronger feelings for Katy.

Apparently Katy can’t seem to shake John because of their passionate intimate connection.

“John is a physical guy, and the relationship with Katy is mainly physical,” a source told America’s OK! magazine.

“The reason she is back with him is that she says it’s the best sex of her life.”

It is rumoured Katy is so smitten with him that she often succumbs to his outrageous demands.

According to sources John needs his lovers to adopt a very specific type of style.

“He wants his girls to look consistent with what he’s into,” the source detailed.

“He would tell Katy to stay a brunette and not change her hair into crazy colours.”

It was recently reported that Robert is so into Katy he wants the songstress to meet his parents.

Friends of Katy would like to see her with the British actor, but they think John will ultimately come out on top in the love triangle.

“My vote is for Rob. John is a bad boy, and sadly, Katy prefers that,” the insider explained.

“She always falls for guys with an edge. With that edge comes drama, and John is the king of drama.”
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Thursday, 20. June 2013