Lana Del Rey: I'm a wild child

Lana Del Rey is attracted to danger and loves the thrill of adrenaline.

Lana Del Rey is still drawn to the “wild side”.

The 26-year-old American singer-and-songwriter was raised in Lake Placid, a small village in upstate New York.

When Lana was 14 years old she was sent to boarding school in Connecticut to deal with her alcohol dependence, which she has since managed to beat with the help of rehab.

Lana’s addiction most likely started through boredom.

“Yeah, probably. It was boring [Lake Placid],” she explained to Electronic Beats magazine. “That town is crazy, too. I was a bad girl, but I’m good now. I guess I have some bad tendencies. I don’t like to do hurtful things, but I am drawn to the wild side. I love riding motorcycles; I love rollercoasters; I do like adrenaline. But I’ve also found true happiness when I was living in New York and working with other people in that way that we’ve talked about. So, I don’t know. But I don’t feel at odds with it.”

Lana was almost 18 when she moved to the notorious Bronx area in New York. This period of her life helped to toughen her up.

“Well, I lived in the Bronx for four years. I lived in Brooklyn for like four years after that. I always consider myself to have a serious street side, even when I was in high school,” she continued. “I mean, I was pretty crazy. Everyone I knew was really crazy.”

In February, Lana sparked speculation she was engaged to her boyfriend, Scottish rocker Barrie-James O’Neill, when she was seen wearing a ring on her wedding finger. Now she’s found happiness and stability in her personal life she doesn’t feel the need to constantly travel.

“I think America is amazing for its landscape and its history. California is beautiful, New York is beautiful, but when you’re a gypsy at heart, it probably suits you to be travelling,” she finished. “I don’t feel that way as much as I used to. I actually don’t feel that way that much anymore, but when I was younger I used to really want to have an unpredictable life where I could feel free and travel anywhere I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. I actually really like California now, although I’ve never lived there before. I like the idea of living in one place now.”
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Thursday, 20. June 2013