Jennifer Lopez defends dating younger guys

Jennifer Lopez thinks men have been "getting" the appeal of dating younger people for longer than women.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t find it a “big deal” when women date younger men.

The 43-year-old actress is currently in a relationship with back-up dancer Casper Smart, who at 26, is almost 18 years her junior.

When it comes to dating someone younger, Jennifer thinks guys are ahead of the game.

“Yeah, I don’t mind it!” she laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O about her youthful beau.

“Men have been getting it for years… For some reason it’s not a big deal when [men] talk about it…”

The singer-and-actress is a mother to twins Max and Emme who she raises with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

At five years old, her two little ones are currently testing Jennifer with complicated questions about the world.

“I feel like it’s funny when you’re caught in a situation! You know your mom was in it and now you are and I don’t know what to say [to them], but then I feel God gives me the words,” she explained.

“I go blank for a bit and then I suddenly say something and it kinda works and I’m like, ‘Thank you, God!’ Oh my God, when a [child] stumps you, you never feel stupider and when your friends are in the room and they’re like, ‘Really?’ And there are so many things you are thinking about; not to say the wrong thing or mess them up in any way!”

During a recent radio interview, Jennifer found out she would be working on an exciting new movie project.

The star is also busy recording music and she admits juggling her career with motherhood can be tough.

“It is hard, but you know, when you have your priorities straight… The kids come first for me,” she smiled.

“I always say, ‘As long as I know they’re alright, then I can do what I do.’ But that’s what being a good mom is about: having that balance. It’s not an easy thing; every mom out there knows that.”

Jennifer teased fans by saying her upcoming movie project is not the Chilean miner film people have been speculating about.

She also promised she’s working hard on her eighth album, which is due out later this year.
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Thursday, 20. June 2013