Kim Kardashian 'missed out on VIP birth suite'

Kim Kardashian reportedly had to be placed in a different maternity unit because the VIP suites she had booked were all taken.

Kim Kardashian apparently didn’t get the VIP birthing suite she wanted.

The TV star gave birth to her daughter around a month early at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday. Kim had made arrangements to check into a luxury suite, but she was placed in a different unit because the rooms were already taken when she went into labour.

While Kim was preparing to give birth, her partner Kanye West took a walk around the maternity wing of the hospital. As he paced the corridors, he reportedly met basketball star Dwight Howard – whose partner was in one of the celebrity suites.

“We’re told Kanye and Dwight got along great… with Yeezy giving Howard a preview of his new album Yeezus,” reports TMZ.

Kim went into premature labour after it was discovered she may have been suffering from the life-threatening condition preeclampsia.

It has been reported that the scare has left Kanye in no doubt about his feelings for Kim.

“They’ll start planning their next project, a wedding, sooner rather than later,” a source told People. “He definitely wants to marry her, he hasn’t left her side.”

Kim is now believed to have left hospital and has taken her baby to a “private location”, with speculation rife that she has moved in with her mom Kris Jenner.

The 32-year-old star will need to have regular blood pressure checks as hypertension can be an issue for new moms in Kim’s situation.

Having gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, Kim is apparently looking forward to getting back into her exercise regime once she is ready.

It has also been claimed that the brunette asked loved ones not to bring any tasty treats while she was in hospital.

“She has over 30 bouquets from loved ones,” a source told Us Weekly. “She told everyone not to bring sweets – she said she doesn’t need any temptation.”

Kanye has reportedly been so inspired by the birth of his first child that he has already written four new songs, according to Life & Style.
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Thursday, 20. June 2013