The Wanted fined for mansion destruction

The Wanted confess they were fined £10,000 for trashing the Los Angeles mansion they stayed in while filming their reality programme The Wanted Life.

The Wanted confesses their Los Angeles mansion became a “petri dish for bacteria” while they lived there.

The boy band spent three months in a seven-bedroom Hollywood Hills estate equipped with a swimming pool, ten acres of land, a bar and a mini moat.

The property’s rent was £30,000 per month and the five-member group partied hard throughout their stay.

The Wanted claim the house became a “petri dish for bacteria” by the third month.

The jacuzzi was fully drained and the boys also pulled tiles off the wall somehow.

“They did charge us up the wall for messing up the tiles,” Siva Kaneswaran told British newspaper The Mirror.

“And there was a rim of scum along the top of the water on the leather interiors.

“When they emptied it out, the stain didn’t come out, so they charged us for that. It was £10,000 in total.”

Despite the high level of filthiness, the group still managed to host a number of beautiful women in the mansion.

Apparently one particular steamy evening that Max George spent with a woman was captured on film.

“We did impressions of her,” Jay McGuinness said. “‘Oof!’ She signed a release form, too, so her parents are gonna see that.”

The Wanted had a blast filming their reality show, but the only thing they objected to is the name.

They think The Wanted on E! was way more appropriate than what producers ultimately decided to title the programme, even though it clearly alludes to drugs.

“Don’t you love The Wanted on E!? Everybody loves The Wanted on E!” Jay said. “There was a knee-jerk panic reaction. Middle America would hate it.”

The Wanted Life airs on E! network Monday.
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Thursday, 20. June 2013