Kylie Minogue: There are no shortcuts to expertise

Kylie Minogue thinks people live as they learn and there is no quick way to become excellent at any particular craft.

Kylie Minogue thinks “there are no shortcuts to learning your craft”.

The 45-year-old Australian pop singer has been in the entertainment business since 1979.

Kylie doesn’t knock TV talent competition shows like The Voice or American Idol, but she does believe an artist learns best through their own experiences.

“There’s stuff that I wish that I knew a long time ago but you actually just have to go through it,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“But one of my favourite sayings is, ‘There are no shortcuts to learning your craft.’ You just have to put the years in.”

Kylie isn’t sure whether she would deliver sound advice to up-and-coming talent on a television show like The X Factor.

The star wouldn’t reject a role as judge on one of these programmes, but she is also not necessarily eager to take one on.

“I think when you’re at home, like if my boyfriend and I are home and we see one of those shows, we are all great couch judges. We’re all just like, ‘Come on! That was terrible!’ Or, ‘That was great!’ But, I don’t know, I don’t know how well I’d cope with being in that situation,” she explained.

“Maybe fine, but I think I’d definitely have some good advice to offer just from experience. And certainly those shows are here to stay, and I wouldn’t say no to it if it was the right moment for me and if it was the right show.”

Kylie is currently her new book Kylie: Fashion, which is currently available at Saks Fifth Avenue retail store in New York City.

The star admits it was a challenge putting the tome together.

“Books are often a living hell… You could go on tour easier than doing a book,” Kylie said. “We did it because last year was my 25th anniversary in music, and it was a way to mark that moment in time and celebrate it. It was quite difficult finding all of the stuff. I mean, my archives are fairly organised now because I had to do it.”
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Thursday, 20. June 2013