Hayden Panettiere: My singing is so-so

Hayden Panettiere admits she doesn't always sound that great when she blasts out Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.

Hayden Panettiere always gets up for karaoke even though sometimes she sounds “not so brilliant”.

The actress portrays country musician Juliette Barnes in TV show Nashville, where she does her own vocals. The 23-year-old has experience of laying down tracks having recorded an album in her teens and enjoys letting rip on the microphone.

However, that doesn’t mean things always go that well.

“We have this amazing place in Nashville called Santa’s Pub. It’s literally a double-wide trailer [an extra-large mobile home]. The guy who runs it has a white beard and he looks just like Santa Claus, minus the belly,” she laughed to Stylist magazine. “It’s so much fun and no-one ever bothers you or gives you a hard time. It feels almost like you’re in someone’s living room. Sometimes I’ll hit Don’t Stop Believin’ [by Journey on the karaoke]. Sometimes it sounds brilliant and sometimes it’s, er, not so brilliant.”

Music plays a huge part of Hayden’s life and she uses it to bond with friends. She and her pals love to go to the beach and when there, reggae music fits the vibe perfectly.

“If there is a volleyball court we will play, but we’ll also be sunbathing, chatting, listening to music, having a beer – all that fun girly stuff, getting sunburnt and making sure we’re lathering each other up with sunscreen,” she explained.

Hayden also turns to tunes when she is heartbroken. When she split from her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia after a relationship which lasted over a year, she listened to Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers. She would blast the track in her car as it helped her feel “empowered”.

A happier memory is stirred up when the star hears Hot in Herre by Nelly.

“This reminds me of the first concert I ever went to where Nelly opened for Destiny’s Child,” she recalled. “My little brother had the most ridiculous spiked mullet at the time and Nelly picked him out of the crowd and sat him on this black-and-white quad bike with his Harley Davidson jacket.”
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Wednesday, 19. June 2013