Channing Tatum: I'm no Woman Whisperer

Channing Tatum thinks his wife will mock him for his Woman Whisperer nickname.

Channing Tatum thinks it’s “terrible” that he’s nicknamed the Woman Whisperer.

The hunky actor has starred in movies such as Magic Mike and is known for his toned physique.

He also has a more sensitive side and often speaks about his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and their new baby Everly in an adoring manner.

“No, no, that is terrible!" Channing replied to Refinery 29 about whether he’d heard of his Woman Whisperer moniker. "Oh, I’m gonna get you for that one. My wife is going to be like, ‘Oh really?’”

Channing might have a sixth sense when it comes to women, but he has some failures when it comes to typical manly pursuits.

He joked about an incident that took place on a hiking trip which proved he couldn’t cope alone.

“The closest thing I’d consider to be a crisis was when my wife and I got into a sticky situation hiking in the woods. We were on the side of a mountain, and we didn’t leave ourselves enough daylight to get out," he shared. "I pretty much fell off the mountain when we were hiking back in the dark. She got me through it. So, I guess my wife keeps me level headed.”

The 33-year-old stars in action film White House Down with Jamie Foxx. He first met the legendary US actor during a night of wild partying.

“We met in Cancun, weirdly enough. It was the Summer of Sony and we were all at dinner. I met him very briefly, and then I went to the hotel to hang out. There were DJs up there doing their thing, but Mr. Foxx decided to take the party into his own hands, and made it an unforgettable evening. I think me and my wife looked like we just got out of the pool by the end of the night – we were just soaking wet," he laughed. “I mean, he was up there singing MJ and some of his own, it was an epic night. It was good stuff. We didn’t even know about this movie!”

After this year’s Oscars, Channing and Jamie appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live while promoting their new film.

The friends performed a duet called Channing All Over Your Tatum that became a viral hit.

Channing, Jamie and Jimmy have now unveiled the jokey music promo for the song.

Like all Jimmy’s parodies, the clip features several cameo appearances from stars including Olivia Munn, Matt Damon and Miley Cyrus.

“Check out Miley in the “Channing All Over My Tatum” music video!" Miley tweeted today.

“Throwing Channing on the Tatum makes the babies be born…#ChanningAllOverYourTatum WATCH, (sic)” Channing also tweeted.
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Wednesday, 19. June 2013