Kim Kardashian ‘given baby warning’

Kourtney Kardashian has apparently told her sister Kim that she is unprepared for motherhood.

Kim Kardashian’s sister Kourtney has reportedly warned she has “no idea” what motherhood is like.

The reality star and her partner Kanye West welcomed their first child together into the world on Saturday.

Mother-of-two Kourtney has allegedly raised concerns about how unprepared her sibling is when it comes to looking after a baby.

“Kourtney has told Kim that she has no idea what she’s in for as a mom," a family insider explained to

“Kim thinks that she is just going to live her life exactly the way she did before now just with a little baby along with her. But Kourtney has told her that her life is going to completely change and she’s going to be totally surprised at everything.”

Kourtney and her partner Scott Disick have two children together, son Mason and daughter Penelope.

While Kourtney hopes Kim has learnt some parenting skills from watching her, she fears Kim doesn’t realise how much disruption a baby can cause.

“Kourtney says Kim doesn’t even know the beginning of what an impact having kids has. She says Kim thinks everything will be the same, that she’ll be able to do everything she did before and that her life will be as picture perfect as it always is. Except Kourtney knows that isn’t true – everything from her messy house to messy clothes and hair," the insider explained.

“Kim is about to be shocked at all the changes and Kourtney knows this because she’s been going through it for years.”

The couple have remained tight lipped about the details of their new arrival so far.

A family friend has told that an announcement about the name of their little girl is coming any day now.

“Kai Georgia Donda West has been mentioned,” the insider revealed about the potential name.

The name proposed would have significant meaning for both Kim and Kanye. Georgia is where Kanye grew up, while Kim’s late father Robert Kardashian’s middle name was George. Donda would be in tribute to Kanye’s late mother Donda West.

It has also been reported that Kim’s mother Kris Jenner hopes to debut her granddaughter on her new TV show when it airs in July.
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Tuesday, 18. June 2013