Britney Spears: My record’s a surprise

Britney Spears will follow-up her Ooh La La single from The Smurfs 2 movie soundtrack with a more adult friendly album due to be released later this year.

Britney Spears thinks people will be “surprised” by the musical approach she takes on her new record.

The 31-year-old pop star is currently working on her eighth studio album with Black Eyed Peas producer

She is experimenting with a number of new sounds and aims to shock her listeners with her fresh new music.

“Well it’s definitely the beginning stages right now. I want to take this album and have a new approach with it and make it different from anything I’ve ever done,” she explained during an On Air with Ryan Seacrest interview.

“There’s a lot of guitar and I think people will be surprised with this album. Actually I think William Orbit [Madonna’s producer] is coming in next week for me to work with. I’ve never worked with him before; I’m really excited. I think the kids will appreciate it but I think it will have a cool approach to it. [It should be out] by the end of the year.”

Britney is promoting her new single Ooh La La which features on The Smurfs 2 soundtrack.

This song is markedly family-friendly and she took on the project to please her two sons Sean, seven, and Jayden, six. The star debuted it on Ryan’s radio show this morning.

“Yeah it’s definitely straight-up pop and it’s really has a young feel to it. But the main reason why I did it was because my boys. They’re obsessed with the Smurfs,” Britney gushed.

“We’ve seen The Smurfs movie a million trillion times and they were told they could be in the video and all this cool stuff, so that’s the reason why I did it. It’s about feeling good. Like when a guy makes you giddy. It’s more of a feeling. When I eat chocolate I have that ‘ooh la la’ feeling."

The music promo for Ooh La La directed by Marc Klasfeld will debut in a few weeks.

Britney’s boys were on set with her throughout the shoot and the well-behaved children made a cute cameo.

“[My sons] were actually really, really good on set,” Britney said. “They play themselves … [but when] we did the actual shoot of the video I didn’t see [them]. I was in hair and make-up, so later on I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable.”

The Smurfs 2 will hit theatres later on this summer.
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Monday, 17. June 2013