Lil Wayne ‘squashes American flag’

Controversial rapper Lil Wayne has been captured stomping all over the American flag while filming the new music video for his latest single God Bless Amerika.

Lil Wayne stomps on the American flag in his new music promo.

The controversial rapper shot the piece for his upcoming single God Bless Amerika in New Orleans, Louisiana, over the weekend.

TMZ reports Wayne was captured in footage from the shoot “stepping all over the stars and stripes” from a giant American flag that was “released to the ground”.

Flag desecration in the United States is a big deal for many and Wayne’s move may anger numerous citizens of the country.

Normally flags are burned in protest and it seems that Wayne is voicing an aggravated complaint he has about the way America runs.

The lyrics to God Bless Amerika read, “My country ‘tis of thee / Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die / God bless Amerika / This ole’ godless Amerika”.

Wayne is not new to controversy and has been embroiled in numerous scandals over the past year alone.

He was banned from attending Miami Heat games by the National Basketball Association earlier this year after allegedly making a “gun gesture” at a fan.

Wayne did not take kindly to the exclusion and voiced his opinions during a concert in Texas over the association’s highly anticipated All-Star Weekend.

“When I say f**k, you say NBA! When I say f**k, you say Miami Heat!" he said on stage.

Also in February Wayne won headlines for controversial lyrics in a newly released remixed version of rapper Future’s single Karate Chop.

The song mentioned civil rights figure Emmett Till, a black teenager famously murdered for whistling at a white woman in 1955.

Wayne’s rhyme: “beat the p**sy up like Emmett Till”, sparked outrage from the Till family and prompted Sony Music executives to pull the track.
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Monday, 17. June 2013