Paris Jackson 'wanted to attend wedding'

Paris Jackson reportedly wanted to attend her cousin’s wedding on Sunday, but had to remain in the hospital following her recent suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson was reportedly determined to attend a family wedding at the weekend, but couldn’t leave hospital.

The teenager has been receiving treatment since she attempted suicide earlier this month. It seems Paris was eager to see her cousin Taj Jackson tie the knot with Thayana Sco at the family’s Hayvenhurst home in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, but doctors decided she should remain at the UCLA Medical Center.

Many members of the Jackson family turned out for the occasion including matriarch Katherine and her children Jermaine, La Toya and Tito, along with Paris’ brothers Prince Michael and Blanket.

“No one said a word about Paris. She wanted to come but they wouldn’t let her out of the hospital,” a source told E! Online. "I think everyone was trying to block it out and just enjoy the wedding. You wouldn’t know anything was going on, except that [Katherine] looked sad. She didn’t look her normal, happy self.”

Katherine was named Paris, Prince and Blanket’s guardian after their father Michael Jackson died in 2009. She is believed to be concerned about her 15-year-old granddaughter, but feels she is in the best place to deal with her issues.

“She’s optimistic Paris will get the help she needs. She doesn’t think Paris realised at the time how serious the consequences of her actions would be,” explained the source. “The hospitalisation has hit Paris hard that this is serious.”

Prince and Blanket apparently had a great time at the wedding. The brothers spent the day dancing and catching up with loved ones, and showed no signs of strain following Paris’ hospitalisation.

“Blanket and Prince are very well adjusted. You wouldn’t know anything was wrong,” the insider added. “They were hanging out and laughing with their cousins, having a great time. Prince’s girlfriend was there. He didn’t leave her hip the entire night. And Blanket was really outgoing, but he only talks to the people he’s close with.”

Jermaine, who was an original member of The Jackson Five, seemingly didn’t waste an opportunity to show off his family’s notable vocal skills.

“Jermaine got up and sang three songs," said a source. “And he dedicated one to his mother, Katherine.”
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Monday, 17. June 2013