Kristen Wiig: My 30s rock

Kristen Wiig hasn’t decided how to celebrate her 40th birthday yet, but insists she won’t be skydiving.

Kristen Wiig says her thirties have been the best time of her life.

The Bridesmaids actress was asked to share what advice she would give to her 30-year-old self if she could go back in time. Although Kristen always assumed being younger would be better, she has since realised that the last ten years have given her the best memories.

“When I turned 30, I couldn’t believe my 20s were over,” Kristen told Access Hollywood at the Despicable Me 2 junket in Los Angeles. “But my 30s were by far my favourite!

“You kind of think like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m 30. My 20s were the best!’ But 20s are kind of hard. 30s are the best.”

Kristen will celebrate a new milestone later this summer. On August 22 the comic star will turn 40, but hasn’t yet decided how she will mark entering a new decade.

“As of now, I’m working on that day,” she laughed. “But I wanna do something. I don’t know exactly what – I’m not going to like, go skydiving or anything!”

As well as having a successful movie career, Kristen also enjoyed seven years on popular US TV show Saturday Night Live. She left the variety sketch show last year, but still feels sad not to be involved in it.

The star insists Saturday Night Live will always have a special place in her heart.

“It’s hard to watch. I’ve admitted that like, I can’t watch it a lot of times. I think I’ll always miss it,” she added. “I’ll always wonder what they’re doing on Saturday nights and I’ll feel that little tug in my heart.

“I will always miss it.”
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Monday, 17. June 2013