Usher’s songs based on passionate love affairs

Usher provides the detailed history on the real-life stories behind some of his hit songs.

Usher’s hit tracks reveal the steamy reality of his true-life love affairs.

The 34-year-old R&B singer divorced ex-wife Tameka Foster in 2009 after almost two years of marriage and they share two children together.

Before being involved with Tameka, Usher enjoyed numerous trysts and he recorded the detailed history of these affairs in his songs.

“I was with one girl, but I had flown to Los Angeles and I fell in love with this other girl [when I was inspired to write 1997 hit You Make Me Wanna],” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“And what was so odd about it is she started out as a friend, and was encouraging me to keep my relationship afloat. And then I’m like, ‘Well sh*t, why don’t I be with you?’”

Last year Usher released Climax, the lead single from his album Looking 4 Myself.

This song addresses romance, but Usher also used creative wordplay to pay homage to electronic dance music.

“It’s about a relationship that was cut short because I was unwilling to move to the next level,” he explained.

“A lot of times, it’s about sex first if there’s not a deeper connection. So you reach that climax and then it’s like, ‘Man, let’s just separate.’ I was also hanging out in a lot of EDM clubs, and there’s this point where the song reaches the climax and then drops back down, so there are double and triple entendres there.”
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Monday, 17. June 2013