Robin Thicke unimpressed by model breasts

Robin Thicke has "been around a lot of boobs" so didn't bat an eyelid while shooting his Blurred Lines promo.

Robin Thicke says the breasts of the models in his Blurred Lines promo “didn’t knock his socks off”.

The song has been a smash hit for the star and his collaborators T.I. and Pharrell. It has peaked at number one in countries around the world and is his biggest hit to date in America.

There are two videos to accompany the track, including one where women walk around topless.

“There are three girls, so mathematically that’s three pairs of boobs,” Robin laughed to Heat magazine. “But, to be honest – and I’ve got to be honest – I’ve been around a lot of boobs. My wife has one of the most amazing pair of boobs you could ever see, so these ones didn’t knock my socks off.”

Robin’s wife is actress Paula Patton and she gave her seal of approval before he started work on the promo.

The 36-year-old R&B star was also quizzed on his love life and admitted having sex to one of his songs in the past. He was quick to point out it wasn’t planned, rather his voice started booming from speakers as he forgot the song was included in a play list.

The hunk also gave some tips on dating, insisting it isn’t all about being smooth.

“If you tell a woman there’s something beautiful about her, just pick the thing you like the most and tell her you like it,” he advised. “Normally that’s a good place to start.”
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Saturday, 15. June 2013