Mueller checks out of rehab

Brooke Mueller is seeking treatment elsewhere after completing a 30-day Betty Ford rehab course.

Brooke Mueller has reportedly checked out of the Betty Ford rehabilitation centre.

The actress left the facility where she was being treated for drug addictions in order to seek help elsewhere.

The star has gone on to another establishment in Orange County, California which she is hoping will provide a different experience.

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife felt the place was good for “detoxing” for 30 days.

However she desired a contrasting accommodation to help her prepare for life back at home.

Brooke isn’t the only celebrity to have ditched the upscale Betty Ford building recently.

Lindsay Lohan also exited this week because her judge and prosecutor felt the programme had value for 30 days, but not the full 90.

The actress apparently agreed with the sentiments.

Brooke, 42, is currently embroiled in a custody battle with actor Charlie over their four-year-old twin sons Bob and Max.

Charlie’s former spouse Denise Richards is temporarily taking care of them while she sobers up.

Her rehab stint is said to be the 20th she has entered treatment for substance abuse.

Denise thinks Brooke’s breakdown has actually improved her relationship with the father of her two daughters Sam and Lola.

“This is awful to say, but it’s true. When his third marriage started to fall apart, he and I started to become friendly,” she told HuffPost Live. “In the last few years, things have gotten really great with us. We’re very close and we’re good friends, which is great because it’s great for our kids.”
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Friday, 14. June 2013