Washington Heights | sneak peek ep 5

On this weeks episode of Washington Heights...

While awaiting Alexis’ sentencing, Ludwin is determined to become a better example for the kids in the Heights and decides to throw a skate jam to encourage them to stay off the streets. Reluctant to talk to anyone about his brother’s arrest, he finally opens up to Frankie who gives him the emotional support he needs. Ludwin admits to Fred that Frankie is “dateable” but, he’s not ready to be in a relationship with her.

Reyna has always had tension with her family, especially her sister, Tatiana. After celebrating Tatiana’s birthday the sisters have a huge blow out, causing Reyna to seek solace by moving in with her boyfriend Manny. JP has a new manager, Danny, and is actively performing and working on his mix tape. JP’s mother, Barbara, tells him she desperately needs help with the bills this month, and he promises to help out. This causes JP to put the pressure on Danny, who seems like he may be in over his head. After a strong performance, JP is psyched when Danny puts a wad of money in his hand so he can finally start helping his mom out.

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Tuesday, 09. July 2013