Washington Heights | sneak peek ep 4

On this weeks episode of Washington Heights...

Although Ludwin is coy about his feelings, the more Frankie tells people about their make-out session, the more obvious it is that she wants to make things official with Ludwin. Despite being visibly nervous, she admits to Ludwin that she does have feelings for him, but he counters by saying he has a lot going on with his brother Alexis and just came out of a relationship.

After her flirtation with Rico has gone nowhere, we meet Taylor’s new boyfriend Randy and learn that the two are getting serious.
Brothers Rico and Fred’s deep-seated issues start bubbling up. Rico is attempting to cobble together an acting career without much success. Fred is frustrated with Rico because he’s not making any money, and with their parents leaving the Heights for Florida they will be responsible for raising the rent money.

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Tuesday, 02. July 2013