Washington heights: Episode 3

On this weeks episode of Washington Heights...

Ludwin’s little brother Alexis is on the run from the law after skipping a court date. Ludwin tries to be a role model by getting his GED and counseling his brother, but drama with Diana gets in the way. This causes the Diana/Ludwin/Frankie triangle to intensify until Ludwin and Diana finally end things in a heated fight. But will Frankie, who’s been hurt in love before, take a risk and show Ludwin her true feelings?

Brothers Rico and Fred are polar opposites: Rico is an unmotivated dreamer while Fred is hard working and focused. With their Mom moving out, Fred’s frustration grows as he realizes that he may get stuck footing the bills for his slacker brother. After seeking advice from Ludwin and JP, Fred decides to motivate Rico.

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Tuesday, 25. June 2013