Paris Hilton: I work hard

Paris Hilton says it's not easy running a billion-dollar empire.

Paris Hilton doesn’t like to “publicise” how hardworking she is.

The heiress has made a name for herself as an accomplished entrepreneur with a clothing line, perfumes and charity work.

Paris is very hands-on with each of the businesses, which she thinks people would find surprising.

“It’s all things that happen behind the scenes,” Paris told ET Online. “It’s me at different meetings; I’m travelling all around the world meeting with all my different licensee partners. It’s not something I really publicise.”

Running her billion-dollar empire has its downsides. Paris has constant jet lag and a hectic schedule. The socialite enjoys meeting her fans face-to-face, which helps her get through this.

“I love travelling. It’s one thing that’s really important to me, because of my fans,” she continued. “I really have a connection with all of them. We twitter each other. I just love them so much.”

The 32-year-old says connecting with people is something she learnt at a young age. This has also inspired her to make contributions to charity in any way she can.

“I feel like I have been so blessed my whole life and that’s why when I do travel to different countries I always try to go visit a children’s hospital or an orphanage, or do something to give back to the country,” she gushed. “And that’s something that brings good karma to your life.”

When she is at home Paris likes to spend time with her family. This helps her deal with the high-profile life she lives in the public eye and the constant media attention.

“My mom is the best cook,” Paris added.

“You get used to it [the paparazzi]. It’s just a part of my everyday life and I’ve grown accustomed to it.”
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Thursday, 13. June 2013