Geordie Shore 4 | Episode 5

Vicky and Sophie have made up but disaster is in the air when Ricci’s green eyed monster sees red on a family night out.

Peace has finally been restored in the Geordie Shore house now that Vicky and Sophie have made up but, nothing lasts forever and when Ricci’s green eyed monster sees red on a family night out, its disaster, not love, that’s in the air.

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Thursday, 13. June 2013

  • "Oh that's the spot Ricci - what you don't do in bed you make up for in other ways pet"

  • "Must stop obsessing over James and his combover"

  • "These fish are doing far more bucking than me"

  • "If Joel's sending us flowers he must have a guilty conscience"

  • "I don't remember giving Vicky permission to have fun in public"

  • "I promise I'll never have fun again without asking you first"

  • "I've had enough of that quickie b*****d - I'll show Ricci what a good time looks like!"

  • "Do you want any extras with that hot dog?"

  • "Oh my god Sophie, even I wouldn't stoop that low - giving lads extras at the burger van."

  • "Can I see if I can fit your face inside my mouth?"

  • "Are you serious about a Civil Partnership?"

  • "I'm just doing some outreach work in the community about how addictive parsnip is - just say no if you're offered any"

  • "Maybe I'll get scouted for Beverley Hills 90210 looking like this?"

  • "Les-be-honest - we're all friends here "Les-be-honest - we're all friends here"

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