Ricky Martin reveals music ‘pain’

Ricky Martin finds himself "sweating and crying" when recording new tracks.

Ricky Martin says the process of making music can be “painful”.

The Puerto Rican popstar found fame with hits like Livin’ la Vida Loca, She Bangs and Nobody Wants to Be Lonely.

He now stars as a mentor on The Voice Australia, alongside Seal, Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem and his knowledge of producing hits helps his contestants thrive.

Ricky knows how isolating being locked away in a studio when you are recording can be.

“I’ve done that and it’s very painful,” he admitted to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“You put a lot of emotions [in] when you lock yourself away and you sweat and you cry and then you get excited. It obviously depends what you’re writing, whether it’s a ballad…”

The star introduced a new track, Come With Me, while on the radio show.

For Ricky, inspiration can strike in the most unlikely situations.

“You never know when [it] shows up! You could be sitting down in a hammock with a piña colada and a pen and paper and nothing shows up,” he laughed.

“And then you can be in the middle of a traffic jam and suddenly it hits you and you’re like, ‘Woah, let’s write about this!’”

Ricky’s The Voice co-star Joel ran into trouble earlier this week when he was kicked out of a hotel for marijuana possession, with Seal jumping in to defend him on Twitter.

The singer reached out to his colleagues, letting them know they have his support.

“They are my brothers. They’ve become brothers and I wish them nothing but the best,” Ricky said.

“Joel, love to you and your family. I wish you that this has become a beautiful awakening for you. He’s apologised and said what he needed to say!”
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Thursday, 13. June 2013