Jason Segel and girlfriend ‘hang out often’

Jason Segel and his new girlfriend Bojana Novakovic reportedly can’t seem to see enough of each other in the early stages of their romance.

Jason Segel and his new girlfriend Bojana Novakovic are reportedly attached at the hip.

The 33-year-old star was pictured on a date with the 31-year-old at the weekend and apparently the couple are absolutely besotted with one another.

Jason formerly dated actress Michelle Williams but the pair broke up earlier this year apparently due to a distance issue. Michelle is based in New York City and Jason is stationed in Los Angeles.

Although Jason and Bojana have been dating for only a few weeks the couple are getting along famously. They can’t see enough of each other at this time.

“They hang out often,” a source told People magazine. “They have fun together and Jason seems to be really happy.”

Jason is thought to be interested in settling down with Bojana for good.

The How I Met Your Mother actor doesn’t want to date frivolously any longer.

“He had been dating some girls, a few. But think it may be a little more serious with this one,” a source told Us Weekly. “He wanted to date, but he did learn that down the road he does want something more stable and serious.”

Following her February breakup with Jason, Michelle Williams has been romantically linked to artist Dustin Yellin. They attended the Met Ball together in May and have seen been socialising with her seven-year-old daughter Matilda.

Late actor Heath Ledger is Matilda’s father.
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Thursday, 13. June 2013