Ke$ha: Worms are freaky

Ke$ha always looks up her dreams because she thinks she's "psychic".

Ke$ha has nightmares about worms.

The eccentric singer has an overactive imagination and has admitted to dreaming about Lady Gaga and penises in the past.

Although the star isn’t easily fazed, Ke$ha can’t stand seeing slithery creatures in her sleep.

“I have all sorts of weird dreams. I always have dreams about people that I like, like we’re swimming together and high fiving each other,” she laughed to Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

“I always wake up and look up what my dreams mean because I’m psychic. I had a horrible dream last night! There were snakes and worms everywhere and it was really uncomfortable. And I hate worms, I hate them so much. There were thousands of worms!”

Ke$ha is busy working on her upcoming album Lip$ha with The Flaming Lips and has recorded a track called Crazy Kids with

The star revealed how the collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas singer came about.

“We were both playing our music as loud as we could and trying to outdo each other and then we met in the hallway and decided to do it together,” she explained.

“He’s totally crazy. No matter where I go in the world, everyone calls me crazy and he was like, ‘Me too!’ and I was like, ‘We should make a declaration and say we’re proud of it.’ Afterwards we went out and we were racing in the middle of the street just like running ’cause we were so excited about the song!”

Yesterday it was reported Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden was thrown out of a hotel after drugs were found in his possession.

Ke$ha, 26, offered her take on the matter.

“I have drama all the time with hotels! But whatever, you just have to be sneaky about it,” she grinned.
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Wednesday, 12. June 2013