Steven Tyler loves Twitter 'freaks'

Steven Tyler finds the freaks on social media sites fascinating.

Steven Tyler loves to see “freaks” on Twitter.

The Aerosmith rocker likes to be up to date on social media. Steven follows people who have a talent he admires, like Japanese beatboxer and VideoBlogger Hikakin, and YouTube personality and dubstep street dancer Marquese Scott.

“I look at it. I like to see what’s trending. I like to see what’s – I mean, there’s some freaks,” Steven told The Cut. “I do. Not all the time, but you know, I like to look. I like to keep up with what’s going on, especially with Hikakin. He’s a beatboxer. So we drag him out to do something with us, and this guy named Marquese Scott. But you know, just nuts, and I love it.”

Steven has been following the news story about email and phone tapping in the US. The legendary star claims he’s always suspected people were being spied on by the government.

“Yeah, I have. I always thought that once they invented credit cards and so forth, that there was a whole hidden agenda. You can either be naïve and not think so, or you can smarten up and know that there is,” he explained. “And once there’s a thing called the Internet, of course it can get tapped into. It just can. I always knew it could, so.”

The 65-year-old is father to actress Liv Tyler and grandfather to her eight-year-old son Milo. Steven shared his recent bonding experience with Milo that took place during a visit to Liv’s New Hampshire home. He joked that his young grandson is already much better at getting to grips with the great outdoors than he is.

“We went fishing with Milo. Oh, yeah. Made a fire. Talked a lot,” Steven smiled. “He caught two rock bass. It was wonderful.”
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Wednesday, 12. June 2013