Joel Madden: Fans’ support is everything

Joel Madden has thanked his supporters for their "positive words and thoughts" after police found drugs in his hotel suite.

Joel Madden has thanked fans for their support after cannabis was found in his Australian hotel suite.

The Good Charlotte rocker is currently in Sydney appearing on TV talent show The Voice. On Sunday his apartment at The Darling Hotel was searched after police were informed drugs were present. Joel was immediately asked to leave the hotel, located inside The Star casino complex, but will not face any charges because only a small amount of cannabis was detected.

The American musician has been inundated with messages from his followers on Twitter and is deeply grateful for their support.

“I wish I could retweet everyone in my replies,” he wrote on his Twitter page earlier today. “Thanks for the positive words and thoughts. I love the people here in Australia.”

Around five grams of the drug were found in the suite. According to New South Wales law, police usually only caution people found with more than 15 grams in their possession.

After the news broke, Joel – who has two children with his wife Nicole Richie – released a statement saying Sydney was his “adopted home” and he hoped he hadn’t “caused too much drama for anyone”.

While 34-year-old Joel seems to have made peace with the situation, his fellow The Voice judge Seal was less than happy.

On Wednesday he posted a series of furious Twitter messages, slamming the situation and defending Joel’s philanthropic nature.

“homeless shelters, provide time and love for disabled kids, represent at the Logies and not to mention bring hope to aspiring artists… across the nation with his authenticity and heart. Yet having a joint in the privacy of his hotel room is worthy of front page news??? (sic)” Seal wrote. “It’s a shame. I for one will not stand by and watch you attempt to destroy my Brother, you gun one you gun us all!… can’t wait to go home (sic).”

He deleted the angry tweets a short time later, before then writing:

“I was NOT slamming Australia, I was and still am slamming the TRASH MEDIA! I stand by my Bro and WILL NOT BE BOUGHT! (sic)”

That message was also later deleted from Seal’s account.

Seal went on to say sorry for his outburst and explained that he was finding it tough to be away from the children he raises with ex-wife Heidi Klum.

“I want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him,‘’ Seal tweeted. "It’s been almost 11 weeks away from my kids and me saying, ‘I can’t wait to go home,’ was me missing being home with them."
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Wednesday, 12. June 2013