Jay McGuiness: George should fight Malik

The Wanted singer Jay McGuiness is sure his friend Max George would beat One Direction’s Zayn Malik in an altercation.

Max George would beat Zayn Malik in a fight, according to The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness.

The singer thinks his band mate could triumph over the One Direction member if they faced each other.

Apparently Max has showed spectacular efforts with getting aggressive in the past and Jay believes it could benefit their group rivalry.

“We’re not friends with One Direction,” he told British newspaper the Daily Mirror. “We don’t hang out or anything. I reckon Max would win in a fight with Zayn. He’s got good fighting skills and he doesn’t bruise very easily. I’ve seen Max in action disagreeing with a taxi driver.”

However Jay is opting out of any physical contact with the UK X Factor alumni.

He is taking a regal stance on the matter and wants to remain silent instead of dishing out fighting talk to the youngsters.

“I don’t worry about fighting with One Direction, I’m trying to keep a dignified silence, like the Queen,” he joked. “She says ‘Never deny and never confirm’.”

One Direction were recently invited to take part in a boxing match by The Wanted in order to end an ongoing feud once and for all.

But the five-piece group allegedly refused the offer because they were too busy.

Zayn has also claimed in the past that an offer for a punch-out with Max was avoid by the older man.
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Tuesday, 11. June 2013