LeAnn Rimes: I have the right to speak my mind

LeAnn Rimes defends her right to speak openly about the intimate details of her personal life.

LeAnn Rimes defends her right to speak publicly about her personal life.

The singer took part in public Twitter feuds with her husband Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

In single Borrowed off her latest album Spitfire LeAnn sang openly about the adultery she engaged in with Eddie while he was still married to Brandi.

Brandi criticised the music, telling In Touch magazine no one wants to hear a song “about breaking up a family”.

LeAnn doesn’t care what Brandi thinks and the crooner insisted it was “therapeutic” to let all her feelings out in song.

“I went through every emotion you can imagine in the last four and a half years and that’s what comes through,” she revealed on Good Morning America.

“It was a roller coaster ride, as you can imagine.”

LeAnn claims her new tunes are completely authentic.

She wanted to speak honestly about her experience and the star is happy she did.

“It finally felt like I ripped that tape off my mouth and had something to say,” she explained.

“But at no one else’s expense but mine. This is just the truth. [My album is] just life. I’ve approached everything I’m a human being. I have the right to share my happiness and my failures like everybody else.”

In terms of getting into a conflict on Twitter with Brandi or anyone else, LeAnn has discovered a useful tool to prevent things like this from happening again.

“That block button is a great thing,” she said.
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Monday, 10. June 2013