LA Complex | 204

Life is tough in Hollywood. Here's what's to expect on Sundays all-new episode of LA Complex...

Connor is forced to make a tough choice to continue his sham relationship with Jennifer Bell while avoiding a suspicious insurance investigator looking into the fire at his former house. Meanwhile, Kaldrick pays a visit to his estranged father, Walter, who lives and works in a homeless shelter to come to terms with his troubled past.

Raquel suffers another blow to her massive ego on a movie set as her latest role is downsized. Abby looks to befriend her “Saying Grace” co-star Brandon, where he offers the troubled and insecure Abby to move in with him and his co-star girlfriend Laura at their spacious apartment.

Nick grows tired of enduring Sabrina’s cruel pranks at and away from work and tries a ploy to beat her at her own game, but he learns that the crafty and sociopathic Sabrina seem to have a defense to every verbal attack he throws at her. Also, on a day full of big auditions for Simon, Beth’s big mouth gets her into trouble when she faces off against a crafty single mother whom is also dead set to turning her son into a star.

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Wednesday, 12. June 2013