Taylor Swift: Award shows should be fun

Taylor Swift prefers it when awards ceremonies aren't "high-pressure" events.

Taylor Swift turns every awards show into a “dance party”.

The pretty popstar unwinds with famous pals like Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran at glitzy ceremonies and is often seen boogying in her seat.

For the 23-year-old singer it’s a way to calm her nerves and not take herself too seriously – even if her laidback friends don’t always join in.

“It can be a high-pressure career situation or it can be a dance party!” she laughed to BBC Radio 1.

“My friends Selena and Ed are the most fun. Ed doesn’t really dance; he rocks back and forth a little bit.”

The country singer and Ed are currently travelling together for Taylor’s Red Tour.

After years in the business, the blonde singer is getting used to keeping her cool before a big performance.

“It’s been nonstop and it’s amazing because it’s a stadium tour which makes me really happy! You look out and there’s just this endless sea of people and, you know, you don’t get nervous, because if people bought tickets to see you they probably don’t wanna see you trip and fall,” she explained.

“My nerves go up if there’s a lot of people who do wanna see me trip and fall, like [at] an awards show!”

Taylor is known for her love songs and is said to have counselled best friend Selena through her on/off relationship with Justin Bieber.

The I Knew You Were Trouble singer has also had her fair share of heartbreak and says past experiences have bonded the two starlets.

“She’s darling! We talk all the time,” Taylor gushed.

“We have so much that we’ve been through together. We’ve been friends for five years and in those five years so many things have happened and that bonds you in a way that nothing else can.”

Taylor has enjoyed immense success with her singing career, picking up countless awards, including eight Billboard prizes this year.

However, this isn’t the only path she could have taken.

“I’d be an interior designer or a detective — but I don’t think I’d be a good detective,” she laughed to British newspaper The Sun.

“I just watch all of those crime shows. Anything that has a slight premise of being a crime show, I’m on it.”

Taylor and Ed start the Canadian leg of the Red Tour on June 14.
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Monday, 10. June 2013