Kanye West stages gothic show

Kanye West announced he is "an a*shole" while on stage in New York last night.

Kanye West performed a gothic music show last night, during which he declared himself “an a*shole”.

The hip-hop star’s new record Yeezus is highly anticipated, not least because it represents a new direction from the star. Although still a rapper, Kanye has embraced a darker aesthetic with some critics claiming his synthesiser-laden new release has an industrial feel.

He performed at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York last night, once again playing his two new songs Black Skinhead and New Slaves. Both have been met with mixed reviews so far, something Kanye is obviously aware of.

“We ain’t got no single to radio,” he laughed during the show. “We ain’t even got no cover.”

Seemingly wanting to put the spotlight on the music rather than himself, Kanye decided against appearing on stage for most of the show. Instead he was on a platform hidden in the crowd, although he did give one of the emotional outbursts he has become renowned for.

“If I said your hair look bad tonight, baby it’s because I’m an a*shole,” said. “If I told you I didn’t like that dress, it’s because I’m an a*shole and a*sholes deserve to be alone.”

The comments have left some wondering whether there are problems in Kanye’s relationship with Kim Kardashian, who is heavily pregnant with the couple’s daughter at the moment.

The hip-hop star played many of his old classics too, although they were distorted and had a heavier sound than previously. That didn’t seem to put off the 36-year-old star’s fans though, who went wild during his set.

Yeezus is Kanye’s sixth record and is due for release later this month. It’s being distributed by Def Jam Recordings, with bosses apparently becoming increasingly stressed as the star is insisting changes be made right up to the wire.

Last week he brought in a new producer to help him lay down new songs, even though the release date is set for June 18.

“Even by Kanye West standards, this is pushing it,” an insider told New York Post.

There was also a question over a sample the star used, with label executives forced to hunt down members of a church choir to ensure they were allowed to feature it.

Despite the stress, Kanye still found time to celebrate his birthday in New York on Saturday. He went to a Caribbean restaurant with Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles, although Kim wasn’t in attendance. She is now unable to travel due to her pregnancy, with her sister Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick showing up in her place.
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Monday, 10. June 2013