Matthew Morrison recalls school prank

Matthew Morrison has discussed his most embarrassing moment, which came when he was at school.

Matthew Morrison was so surprised when someone yanked down his trousers at school he didn’t immediately pull them up.

The Glee actor has reminisced about his most embarrassing moment to date. While there were a few in the running, he still gets red-faced when he thinks about something which happened to him when he was in his early teens.

“In Junior High School, when I was about 13, someone came up behind me and pulled my pants down in front of everyone. I was so stunned by it I didn’t pull them up right away,” he laughed to Heat magazine.

The star is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people, especially now he travels the world for his job. He was quizzed about whether another celebrity has ever made romantic advances towards him, but seemingly misunderstood the question posed by a British journalist.

“Loads! When you’re in that world, that’s kinda what you do. Last night, Helen Mirren and I had a great talk,” he replied, before being told the true meaning of the phrase ‘chatted up’.

“Oh, getting flirty! No, she definitely didn’t do that. I’m usually the one doing the flirting. But not in a bad way.”

The interview contained a series of personal questions, all of which Matthew was happy to answer. Quizzed on whether he carries much money when out and about, he gave a lengthy retort.

“Thirty-five pounds,” he said. “I have this great phone cover that has a pouch for my credit cards and my ID in it, so I carry that around and a bit of cash in the other pocket. But it does mean that if I lose that, I’m really in trouble.”
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Sunday, 09. June 2013