Heather Graham: I hated being a gambler

Heather Graham despised the person she became when she was a gambler.

Heather Graham had to quit gambling when she realised she “didn’t like herself”.

The actress returned to Las Vegas for the comedy movie The Hangover Part III, reprising her sexy character Jade from the first film.

Heather is well-behaved in real life, although she has been a gambler in the past.

“I was [a gambler], I did get into that for a little while, but then I got so competitive that I just didn’t like myself,” she told UK magazine Look. “I don’t really drink. I think when you’re drinking you’re supposed to have a lot of water and take Advil before bed. You’ve got to be preventative. Once you’re there you’re kind of screwed!”

Heather says even though she doesn’t drink alcohol she can still have a good time. The The 43-year-old blonde denied her girlie nights out are tame, saying they are pretty raucous without the need for alcohol.

“Well, we’re still wild, we talk about how we want to have great sex, how we want to meet somebody and have a great career,” she giggled. “We’re not that tame. I just don’t really drink or do drugs.”

In The Hangover franchise Heather participates in outrageous scenes including falling over during breastfeeding. She says the trick to pulling off these funny moments convincingly is to just go with the flow.

“I love that feeling of freedom of just doing something silly. In life people are human and have flaws. So people that project a completely perfect image, I really wonder about them!” she explained. “There’s no humour in someone being perfect!”
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Saturday, 08. June 2013