Tom Cruise ‘considers TV show’

Tom Cruise is reportedly considering making a TV show after being inspired by Eddie Murphy.

Tom Cruise is reportedly considering turning Jerry Maguire into a TV show.

The Hollywood icon has heard about Eddie Murphy’s plans to transform his movie Beverly Hills Cop into a programme for the small screen and apparently loves the idea. It’s got him thinking about how he could make such a notion work for him.

“Tom’s so intrigued by Eddie’s return to his signature role that he’s been exploring opportunities to revive some of his own big characters in a similar fashion,” a source told National Enquirer.

Tom was originally looking at reviving his Top Gun role as Maverick. Following the death of Tony Scott, the director of the 1986 movie, last year he began to rethink his plans.

Now, the star wants to bring the movie about a sports agent who decides to turn the business on its head back.

Tom even wants his co-stars Renée Zellweger, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kelly Preston on board.

“Unfortunately, it’s looking unlikely that Renée would even consider a TV series,” the insider added. “But most of the cast from that movie have remained close to Tom and he loves the idea of getting his old pals back together on a regular paid gig.”

The premise of the show would see the cast 20 years on, with a team working in Jerry’s company.

“He’s really excited about this project. TV is something he’s always turned his nose up to, but after watching what Eddie’s doing, he can see the value in it,” the source explained.
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Saturday, 08. June 2013