Josh Groban: My music doesn’t make me feel sexy

Josh Groban would never date anyone with a tattoo of his face or make love to his own songs.

Josh Groban could never “make babies” to his music.

The singer is known for his easy-listening vocals and often pens tracks about love.

While his songs might inspire his fans, the star could never get romantic with his music in the background.

“It will never be baby-making music for me; not even remotely!” he laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“That goes hand in hand with dating someone who has a tattoo of my face.”

The 32-year-old is often approached by people thanking him for his seductive lyrics.

Josh joked it might inspire more males to come to his shows.

“Actually, you can’t imagine the things I’ve been told! Sometimes a couple will come up to me and she’ll be heavily pregnant and they’ll say, ’It’s because of you, man!’” he laughed.

“I try not to think about it too much. Maybe one of the ways to lure the guys to my show is to say: ‘This is just two hours of a very long night – if you catch my drift…’”

Josh’s latest album, All That Echoes, peaked at number one in the US Billboard 200.

Although he’s popular now, being musical wasn’t always easy for the curly-haired star.

“I was firmly in the nerd category [at school],” he admitted.

“I tried to be a jock – I loved sports – but I also like singing, which is a vulnerable thing to do. I was bullied, but it was a teacher who pushed me to do my first solo and I got a standing ovation from the class and all those people who I thought would pick on me were congratulating me the next day.”
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Saturday, 08. June 2013