Paris Jackson’s mother opens home to daughter

Paris Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe reportedly wants her daughter “to come live with her” following the troubled teenager’s suicide attempt this week.

Paris Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe “would be delighted” to have her daughter live in her home.

The troubled 15-year-old attempted suicide this week.

Apparently she cut herself with a meat cleaver and swallowed 20 ibuprofen pills after not being allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.

Debbie is the biological mother of Paris, but the teenager has been cared for by her grandmother Katherine Jackson since her father Michael Jackson passed away.

X17 Online reports Paris has been transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for further treatment.

Apparently Debbie wants Paris to stay with her when she is released from the facility.

“Debbie would absolutely love for Paris to come live with her. Debbie loves her daughter, and would be delighted to have Paris living on her ranch,” a source told Radar Online. “Paris could be home schooled and spend time with Debbie’s animals on her ranch. Debbie lives outside of Los Angeles, and it’s very quiet and peaceful for Paris.”

It is said Paris’ older brother Prince has distanced himself from their mother.

Despite this Debbie has reportedly opened up her home to him too.

“[Prince] would of course be welcome to live with her also,” the source said.

“Even though Debbie didn’t give birth to Michael’s youngest son, Blanket, she considers him part of her family, and would take him in also. It was what Michael would have wanted Debbie to do, and she wouldn’t hesitate. One of the smartest things Michael ever did was marry Debbie and have children with her. Even after his death, she has proven to be a staunch defender of Michael, and fiercely protective of the children.”

Paris will be seeking treatment in the Division of Adolescent Medicine’s Behavioural Heath Programme at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. According to X17 this unit specialises in “individual, family, collateral and group counselling, crisis intervention and case management support” for those with “depression” and “suicidal thoughts”.
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Friday, 07. June 2013