Taylor Swift’s songwriting spurred by anxiety

Taylor Swift reveals she is beginning to get anxious, which means she is bound to start writing her next album very soon.

Taylor Swift starts writing songs when she comes down with a serious case of the jitters.

The Grammy-winning songstress released her fourth studio album Red in 2012 and she is currently performing on a worldwide concert tour of the same name.

Taylor revealed she is on the verge of penning new tunes for a future record.

“It’s starting,” she told USA Today reporters at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday. “All the anxiety is starting. When the anxiety starts, the writing happens right after, usually.”

Taylor aims for ingenuity whenever she begins writing new tracks.

She will scrap anything that sounds familiar to her.

“Whatever I write in the first year is going to get thrown away,” the star explained. “I’m going to like it, but it’s going to sound like the last record. The second year usually sounds like the next project.”

Taylor makes it a point to expose herself to multiple musical genres.

Listening to the same thing over and over again kills her creative process.

“I think you need to change up your influences,” Taylor said.

“I think you need to be inspired by different things than you were inspired by before."

Taylor’s Red Tour kicked off last year and sees her playing a total of 73 dates in North America and Oceania. This string of performances will end in Melbourne, Australia December 14.
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Friday, 07. June 2013