Ozzy Osbourne: Music is natural

Ozzy Osbourne has joked fans shouldn’t expect Justin Bieber music from the upcoming Black Sabbath album.

Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t put much thought into his music.

The rocker is currently promoting upcoming album 13 with his Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.

It’s their first record since 1995’s Forbidden and Ozzy revealed how they work together when making music.

“Well, we just don’t sound like Justin Bieber!” he quipped to German newspaper Die Zeit,

“The way Black Sabbath songs work is simple: you take a Tony Iommi riff, add Geezer Butler lyrics and let Ozzy Osbourne sing. Done. To be honest, we really don’t think about our music. We just make it. But then you get thousands of clever people confronting us with all kinds of theories that we can’t understand.”

The band has been working together on and off since their last album and Ozzy also launched a solo career.

Originally he wasn’t sure a big comeback would be wise for Black Sabbath.

“I don’t know,” he answered when asked how it came about.

“My wife [Sharon Osbourne] said to me one day that we’re making a new album. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. When we tried a comeback 12 years ago, it didn’t work out. The thing is, everyone goes on about how great a big reunion would be, but then once you’re in the studio everyone is clueless. But I also knew this was our last chance; we’re not getting any younger, after all.”

Throughout the years, there have been rumours Ozzy and his two bandmembers are ‘fascinated’ by black magic.

The 64-year-old slammed the gossip and offered his view on god and religion.

“I think god is a great guy. We have just one world, but many religions,” he mused.

“The only problem is that so many religious people throw their lives away for a god. Or they kill other people. No god would condone that. Or at least I can’t imagine it, according to my definition of god. Hurting people is always evil.”
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Thursday, 06. June 2013