Amy Adams: Daughter crushes on Cavill

Amy Adams is pleased she shares the same first crush as her three-year-old daughter.

Amy Adams is excited her daughter has developed the same first crush as she did.

The 38-year-old actress stars alongside British hunk Henry Cavill in the upcoming Superman adaptation Man of Steel.

Amy explained that Aviana, her daughter with her fiancé artist Darren Le Gallo, has become infatuated with Henry who plays the Clark Kent/Superman character.

“My three-year-old daughter is swooning over Henry Cavill, I think he’s her first crush,” Amy giggled to American TV host Jimmy Kimmel. “And Superman was my first crush too which is really cute. My Superman was Christopher Reeve, so we can share that together and I think it’s kind of great we have that in common.”

Amy plays the female lead Lois Lane in the upcoming blockbuster, but she also appeared in the hit Superman TV series Smallville in a minor role.

The red-haired star joked that she’s as big a fan of the superhero as those who attend comic book conventions.

“I did a guest spot in Smallville. I kind of have a thing for Superman, I think it’s the suit!” she exclaimed.

“It’s cool but overwhelming being in the Superman world. People do know I was in Smallville because people who follow superheroes know that kind of stuff. I watched all that stuff myself, and yes I do stalk myself. I could stand in line for my own autograph at signing conventions!”

Amy has spoken before about working at Hooters restaurant when she was younger. At the time, she didn’t see anything wrong with being a waitress at the US chain and actually quite liked the uniform she wore.

“I worked in the downtown Denver Hooters. I was so naive, I was like, ‘This a great golf outfit for summer! The shorts are so cute,’” she laughed. “Oh but the chicken wings are so good! I get people to get me take out from there now. I didn’t care what my father thought. They were happy I was earning money for myself.”
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Thursday, 06. June 2013