Lawrence and Hoult 'care for each other'

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly been receiving support from Nicholas Hoult in the wake of her stalker drama.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult reportedly “still care” for each other.

The 22-year-old and her British actor boyfriend split in January, but have stayed close since, with the pair currently shooting their new X-Men movie together.

Sources say the couple have grown closer again recently, following Jennifer’s ordeal with stalker Han Cong Zhao, who is now safely behind bars.

“[Nick’s] 100% there for Jen,” an insider told UK magazine Look.

“Nick’s been brilliant. They’re spending a lot of time together for the movie, but they’ve also been talking about everything that’s happened off set too. He hasn’t had a stalker, but seen his fair share of crazy fans. There are obviously a lot of feelings between them and they still care about each other. Of course, it will have scared him too, so he will be relieved that Han is behind bars. "

Also rallying around Jennifer are her family, who were also harassed by Han.

Sources claim Jennifer is suffering from guilt, brought on by feeling she has inflicted the torment on those close to her.

“Jen’s incredibly close to her family – especially her big brothers Ben and Blaine – and so grateful for everything they’ve done. They’ve always been so supportive of her and left behind their whole lives to move to New York when she was 14 because she desperately wanted to be an actress,” the insider continued. “Now her dream has put them all in danger and Jen is obviously horrified by that.”
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Wednesday, 05. June 2013