Jennifer Lopez: I've done absurd things

Jennifer Lopez is able to look back and giggle at some of the work she has produced with her ex-partners.

Jennifer Lopez now realises how “absurd” some of her collaborations with ex-partners were.

The singer-and-actress has dated several men in the limelight, famously shooting flop movie Gigli with her former fiancé Ben Affleck. She also recorded a duet with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, but has no regrets about either decision.

“No! No, I’m OK with it,” she laughed, when Stylist magazine asked if the works bothered her. “They are all different eras in your life and I honestly get a lot of joy from looking back – and a lot of laughter, even when it didn’t work out so great. With distance and time you realise what you learned from it and how absurd certain things were. It was like life and death for me at the time but I look back now and giggle.”

After taking some time off from music, the star is back with a new album. It is her eighth solo record and the first single is called Live It Up. A lot has changed during the 43-year-old’s time in the industry and she’s proud to have achieved such longevity.

Jennifer is also glad to see that female singers have become a force to be reckoned with over the years.

“Women have taken over the music industry – when you think of all the female artists who are out. Even going back 20 years, back to Cher, Gloria Estefan and that whole time with Mariah Carey and Céline Dion and then the next wave which was me and Britney and Beyoncé to what’s continued to now with Rihanna and Lady Gaga. With all these people there have been a few guys but we have really had it on lock for a little bit,” she enthused.

Despite her glowing review of other female artists, the star doesn’t seem too happy to be called a feminist. She believes in women’s rights wholeheartedly, but feels the term is outdated.

“Feminist?! I don’t even know what that means anymore. It feels like such a ’60s word,” she said. “Isn’t everybody? I don’t know, I am a very girly girl, I have a lot of girly friends and I cherish my time with them. They help me through everything. You think about relationships and people going in and out of your life but the women in your life are always there.”
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Wednesday, 05. June 2013