Russell Crowe reveals Spandex shock

Russell Crowe began frenziedly working out when he realised he needed to wear tight outfits for Man of Steel.

Russell Crowe was astounded he had to wear Spandex for Man of Steel.

The 49-year-old actor has beefed up for movie roles in the past, famously sporting huge muscles for 2005’s Cinderella Man and 2000 film Gladiator.

This time around he didn’t realise he would need to undertake such an intense training regime to portray Superman’s father Jor-El in the upcoming release.

“When I signed on… well, one, I didn’t realise that I would be wearing Spandex — ‘cause you know that’s Superman’s costume — I didn’t realise that I’d have to fit into it as well,” he laughed at a press conference, according to Access Hollywood.

“But, I also didn’t realise the type of organiser that [director] Zack Snyder is, ‘cause this was really old school prep. This is sort of [Lawrence of Arabia director] David Lean level preparation, and I really appreciated him. And I was on the movie for three-and-a-half or four months before I even got in front of the camera.”

Russell hasn’t appeared in superhero movies in the past and the genre isn’t one which he’s been particularly excited by.

Man of Steel was different because of the story, which the actor could relate to. He has a family and drew on that experience when the cameras were rolling.

“I’m a dad. I got two boys — nine and six, so you know, I could kind of feel it happening while I was reading the script for the first time, where it’s like, ‘OK, this is getting me on a different level,’” he explained. “Because I wasn’t necessarily inclined to do a cartoon movie.”

Henry Cavill portrays the caped crusader in the film, with Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane also involved.

The storyline sees Superman confronting his heritage when Earth is invaded by people from his home planet.
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Tuesday, 04. June 2013