Taylor Swift decorating room for Sheeran

Taylor Swift has reportedly promised her dear friend and musical colleague British singer Ed Sheeran that she will personally decorate a boys’ room in her Rhode Island mansion for him.

Taylor Swift will reportedly provide friend Ed Sheeran with a “special bedroom” at her East Coast mansion.

The songstress purchased a $16 million mansion in Rhode Island a few months ago.

She is actively decorating the estate and it is said she is eager to make her home comfortable for friends when they visit.

Ed is the opening act on Taylor’s Red Tour and the pair are known to be extremely close.

Apparently Ed will be staying in a room that is uniquely his every time he comes over to visit his pal.

“Taylor and Ed are really good pals and their friendship has grown even stronger since they started the tour,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“They were on the road together when the deal went through on her house and she’s been sharing all of her ideas for decorating with him.

“She’s promised that there will be a special bedroom allocated to him whenever he wants to come and stay.”

Ed is busy at work on a dream home of his own.

The singer is saving his cash to go towards a renovation on a house near Halifax, England.

“Kanye West has that line, ‘White people make money and don’t spend it’, and that’s pretty much me,” he told the publication recently. “I’m renovating a property where I grew up. This is going to be the family house for when I have kids and stuff. I’m planting a lot of trees. Actually it’s a farm I’m turning into a woodland.”
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Tuesday, 04. June 2013