Matt Bellamy to marry Kate Hudson next year?

Muse musician Matt Bellamy reveals he and longtime fiancée Kate Hudson will finally tie the knot “hopefully next year”.

Matt Bellamy reveals he and fiancée Kate Hudson may finally tie the knot in 2014.

The Muse frontman and the American actress have been engaged since April 2011. The new parents welcomed their son Bingham into the world three months after they became betrothed.

Matt revealed to Extra he and Kate will walk down the aisle “hopefully next year”.

Until the wedding, Matt is occupied with professional matters.

A selection of Muse songs appears on the soundtrack for Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie World War Z.

Matt loved reading the original tome written by Max Brooks and is elated his band’s music made it into the picture.

“That worked out well, because the book was about surviving the bleakest of situations and that’s one of the themes of the album,” he said.

Kate has spoken before about why planning a wedding just isn’t a top priority for the couple at the moment.

They are both simply too busy.

“I think until the day we get married, the answer is going to be, ‘We have no intention right now of getting married.’ And then you’ll find out we got married,” she told USA Today previously.

“We have an idea. It’s starting to formulate but it’s a timing thing. But honestly, right now, Matt is touring. [My son with Chris Robinson] Ryder is in school. I’m working.”
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Tuesday, 04. June 2013